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Mumbai India auto rickshaw bandra powai

A late night joyride through Mumbai

Today I was browsing through my notebook of many things. This little leather book has accompanied me across the globe for a few years now and has amassed all sorts of random notes, phone numbers, etc. As I was flipping through, I discovered a lengthy note I’d written about an unintentional, late night joyride through…

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Lost in the Chiang Mai mountains

“Um, we’re almost out of gas,” I told my local friend, Wave, as we pondered whether we should go left or right. “Also, I have no idea where we are.” These are not two things you want to happen simultaneously when working your way through the Chiang Mai mountains (either the Daen Lao Range or the Thanon Thong…

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Walking Regent's Canal
Goa, India, Beach, Boats, Beach Goa

Trekking and skinny dipping in Goa

The path is steep, narrow and muddy, but the views are breathtaking. The brilliant green grass sparkles in the aftermath of a monsoon rain – a sharp and stunning contrast with the jet black rocks jutting up from the sea below. Clouds hang listlessly in the sky, billowing mounds of blue and gray. The faint…

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halloween in new orleans, st. louis cathedral
Jamaica travel tips

Where the pros go: Jamaica My Way

In the latest attempt to discover where the professional travel bloggers, writers and nomadic-types really want to go, High Society Hobo interviews Kristi Keller of Jamaica My Way. I’ll give you three guesses as to where she’s going to tell us to go, first two don’t count. So read on for few great Jamaica travel tips!


A romantic gay weekend in Trang An, Vietnam.

Over one year after meeting, and many many months apart, my boyfriend and I took our first weekend trip together to Trang An. Upon arriving, I was struck by the beauty and serenity of the area. Small limestone mountains – nearly black, splattered with streaks of dirty-gold and covered with patches of dark green – rise up from the verdant, endless rice paddies. The scene, framed by meandering silver streams and capped by whispers of pink and orange, is utterly breathtaking. The only sounds are the gentle rustling of grasses in the evening breeze, the distant echo of a sputtering motorbike and random snatches of childish laughter. This feels like another time. Another universe even.

Saigon budget travel
Bangkok budget travel pros find the best hotels.

Unusual Bangkok budget travel tips

There are literally hundreds, probably even thousands, of blog posts and travel articles out there providing Bangkok budget travel tips or tips for Thailand in general. I know because I’ve read more of them than I can possible remember. They all lead to the same conclusion – Bangkok is cheap, the rest of Thailand even cheaper….

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leave America if Trump becomes president
gay bars in tokyo

Five awesome gay bars in Tokyo

Thanks to the Nomadic Boys (Stefan and Sebastian) for another great contribution to High Society Hobo. I certainly can’t wait to check out some of these gay bars in Tokyo! Be sure to follow their link below to see pics of their geisha drag shoot! (Or maybe I should say “gaysha”, haha). Finding the gay…

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Eid in New York

Eid in New York, an unexpected discovery

This post is a personal experience shared by HSH friend, Kelly Patrick on the occasion of Eid in New York. Posted here with permission a few weeks later. Edited by HSH. I meet a lot of people in my line of work, which is fortunate because I’m definitely a people person. (I’ll talk to anyone – hell I…

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Where the pros go: Two Bad Tourists

High Society Hobo has been trying to discover the favorite cities/towns/regions and the preferred hotels of the internet’s most popular travel bloggers. This week’s mini-interview is with gay travel blogging power couple Austin and David of Two Bad Tourists.  Austin and David began the adventure of a lifetime in 2012 when they quit their jobs in…

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Parkroyal Yangon Afternoon tea

Parkroyal Yangon Afternoon Tea

Every weekend since I arrived in Yangon, I treat myself to something “posh”. Usually, it’s one of the Sunday champagne brunch buffets at the handful of five-star hotels throughout the city. However, this weekend I decided to try the Parkroyal Yangon Afternoon Tea. I’ve been a huge fan of afternoon tea since my days living…

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Where the pros go: Be My Travel Muse

High Society Hobo has been trying to discover the favorite cities/towns/regions and the preferred hotels of the internet’s most popular travel bloggers. I’m especially excited for this week’s mini-interview with Kristin Addis of Be My Travel Muse. Be My Travel Muse is not only one of my favorite blogs out there – Kristin’s stories and…

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Five gay friendly hotels to stay in Berlin

High Society Hobo is pleased to feature another article by the travel sphere’s hottest gay couple – and HSH friends – the Nomadic Boys. I can’t wait to check out some of these gay friendly hotels in Berlin! Whether you’re gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, dressed in leather or simply curious, people don’t care. In Berlin,…

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Where the pros go: Dopes on the Road

A mini-interview with Meg Ten Eyck of Dopes on the Road, a queer culture and travel blog. Wanderlust isn’t an easy thing to live with – my mind is always thinking about travel and new experiences. I can’t get through a day without planning some sort of trip. Hitting up my favorite travel blogs is the…

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Legal Tips for Travelers

Long-term travel can be a daunting prospect, even for the most experienced nomads. Frequent travelers and (semi)permanent nomads often face the challenge of dealing with issues in one country from another. For example, even the most ardent of nomads maintains a bank account somewhere – usually in the country where they grew up or were…

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Gay Hanoi, where do I find you?

It all starts with a Google search, it always does nowadays doesn’t it? You sit in front of the screen trying key words, “gay Hanoi,” “gay bars in Hanoi”, “lgbt in Hanoi”, “lesbians in Hanoi”. In Asia you just cross fingers and hope for results that aren’t bad news. Previously I knew little about what…

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A bamboo train in Battambang

A version of this guest post, by Sarah Reichenbach, was originally published on My Gipsy Soul and is republished here, in an edited format, with the author’s permission. Battambang, Cambodia’s second largest city, is a sleepy (but charming) French colonial town on the Sangkae River that is often overlooked by most tourists. Located in the underdeveloped (like…

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Bangkok, where it all began

Following up on my American Dream and SE Asia summary posts, I’m finally getting around to writing some snippets about my six months in SE Asia. I arrived in Bangkok the morning of Christmas Eve, after a short flight from Mumbai. This part of the trip had been planned and booked long before I decided to quit…

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My top Instagram pics of 2015!

Those of you who know me well know that I love photography. I love looking at photos, taking photos and talking about photos. I love trying to capture those rare moments that so beautifully depict what life is all about, both the ups and the downs. It’s true, I don’t have the best equipment (hell,…

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How the “American Dream” has killed mine.

Just over one year ago, I came to the realization that I wasn’t living the life I truly wanted. I was overworked, underpaid and constantly stressed out. I had little or no time for friends, family or personal relationships. Close friendships had been irreparably damaged, not intentionally and not by any specific acts, but rather by…

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#Discover Gay Bulgaria!

High Society Hobo is pleased to welcome our newest contributor, Peter Atanasov, with the first in a series of articles focusing on Bulgaria’s gay and LGBT-friendly side!  I’m ready to hop a flight to this up-and-coming eastern European LGBT destination, are you? One of the most recent countries to join the gay tourism map is…

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A foodie’s guide to DC

Washington DC’s preeminent (and sexy) gay foodie – and newest High Society Hobo contributor – NomNom Boris, shares his Top 5 DC foodie hotspots, complete with mouthwatering pics! Starting with this one:   CO CO SALA Co Co Sala are most favorite late night date spot where we take a date we want to really impressed. It’s…

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